Italian Foreign Minister Against Ambiguous Support for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Italian Foreign Minister Against Ambiguous Support for Ukraine

Luigi Di Mayo gave an interview to the largest Italian daily newspaper in which he called for help in Ukraine

In June, it was reported that the Italian foreign minister had decided to leave his party because of his colleagues' willingness to undermine the country's efforts to help Ukraine. Minister Luigi Di Mayo did not speak in public afterward. However, in early July, the popular Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera published an extensive interview with a politician.

According to the article, the minister of foreign affairs reported on the continuation of work and support of Ukraine. However, he hinted that he had changed his environment, "distanced himself" from those who wanted Italy to secede from NATO and was ambiguous in supporting Ukraine. Luigi Di Mayo believes that no one should rely on the opinion of Moscow, as it is the aggressor.

"Ukraine is a country under attack, Putin is an aggressor, and his army continues to shed blood. At the same time, a serious and responsible political force should act in a balanced manner, not based on the sentiments of social networks and polls. What the M5S leaders did not do," said the Italian politician in an interview.

Currently, Italy continues to help Ukraine and is preparing a new package of weapons for it.

"The political forces voted for another resolution in support of Ukraine. Italy is bent on peace, but Putin is not willing to sit at the negotiating table, and his army continues to kill innocent people. Ukraine has the right to defend itself and should be supported," Italian foreign minister Luigi Di Mayo also said.

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