Italy Plans to Supply Storm Shadow Missiles to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Italy Plans to Supply Storm Shadow Missiles to Ukraine

Italy is reportedly preparing to transfer a batch of long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine as part of its ninth military aid package, expected to be delivered by the end of June

This development was disclosed by the Italian publication Fatto Quotidiano.

Key Details of the Aid Package

Storm Shadow Missiles

  • Transfer Plans: Italy intends to provide Storm Shadow cruise missiles, enhancing Ukraine's long-range strike capabilities.
  • History: Italy has possessed 200 Storm Shadow missiles since 1999, according to unofficial sources.
  • International Collaboration: In April, British Foreign Minister Grant Shapps indicated that Italy, along with Britain and France, had already contributed to the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine.

SAMP/T Air Defense System

  • Additional Support: The same aid package will also include the SAMP/T air defense system, as confirmed by Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in early June.
  • Previous Supplies: Ukraine received its first SAMP/T system, known as MAMBA, in 2023. This Franco-Italian system can track dozens of targets and intercept 10 simultaneously.

Official Stance and Confidentiality

  • No Official Comment: The Italian Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the transfer of Storm Shadow missiles.
  • Confidential Aid: Minister Tajani mentioned that the contents of the aid packages remain confidential, similar to previous military aid packages.

Context and Implications

  • Strategic Impact: The addition of Storm Shadow missiles and the SAMP/T system will significantly bolster Ukraine's defense and long-range offensive capabilities.
  • Ongoing Support: This potential aid package underscores Italy's commitment to supporting Ukraine amidst the ongoing conflict.


The reported transfer of Storm Shadow missiles and the SAMP/T air defense system from Italy to Ukraine represents a significant step in military support, potentially enhancing Ukraine's defensive and offensive operations. As the situation evolves, further details from the Italian Ministry of Defense and other official channels will be crucial in understanding the full scope and impact of this aid.

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