Italy’s Renunciation of Russian Gas

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Italy’s Renunciation of Russian Gas

On 11 April, Italian prime minister Mario Draghi reached an agreement with Algeria to increase gas imports by 40% to replace energy from the aggressor country

Earlier, Italy purchased about 30 billion cubic meters of gas. The next gas supplier for Italy is Algeria. The second is Italy. Through the Trans-Mediterranean gas pipeline, Italy receives about 60 million cubic meters per year. Following the signing of the Treaty between Italy and Algeria, supplies will be increased as the capacity of the Trans-Mediterranean Gas Pipeline can be increased by another 50 million cubic meters.

According to Italian energy provider Sonatrach, Mario Draghi has agreed to increase gas supply from Algeria by 9 billion annually until 2024. Italy's gas infrastructure is one of the widest in Europe, so the signing of the treaty with Algeria is a landmark. The gas pipeline of this country can serve as a bridge for the rest of the countries, which will soon start to give up Russian gas. Like the EU countries that support the aggressor country's energy embargo.

The prime minister of Finland, San Marin, said that her country was ready to give up gas from oil products from Russia.

"We are talking about weeks or months, not years," Sanna Marin.

Glory to Ukraine, Italy, and Finland!

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