Izium Massacre

On September 16, the exhumation of the graves began in the city of Izium, where the Russians en masse buried the murdered Ukrainians. Hanged, tortured, shot dead
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Today, in the liberated from Russian occupation, the exhumation of bodies began in the first mass grave in the city of Izium

The first burial contains at least 400 bodies of tortured Ukrainian civilians. Each of them has traces of torture on the body. It is known that there are still mass graves in the city.

A representative of the Kharkiv prosecutor's office said that one of those killed had a rope around his neck and broken bones in his limbs. This is evidence of violent death. And there are all such bodies.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy:

"Today, the world must see what the Russian army left behind. More than four hundred graves are in the forest near Izium. We still don't know exactly how many bodies are there... Russia has already become the biggest source of terrorism in the world, and no other terrorist power leaves behind so many deaths. This must be legally recognized. The world must act. Russia must be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism."


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