“Jacquemus” Stands With Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
“Jacquemus” Stands With Ukraine

Simon Jacquemus refused to cooperate with Russia and personally notified his team and former Ru partners about this

Simon Jacquemus, who owns 100% of his company because of the Russian attack on Ukraine, decided to break off relations with the Ru concept store KM20 and, globally, stop supplying his bags to the territory of the aggressor country.

This is a personal decision of the designer, which he informed his former Russian colleagues about in an open letter. More,  there is no way to buy recognizable bags in Russia.

From February 24, Simon Jacquemus sincerely supports Ukraine both in words and deeds. The pro-Ukrainian position of the designer is demonstrated in every possible way. Jacquemus also helps Ukrainian refugees and raises money to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of the Russian war against Ukraine.

On the article's cover, you see an image from the official Jacquemus page. Photo caption: "We stand for peace and started supporting medical and humanitarian help for Ukrainian refugees. Follow the link in bio to donate."

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