Japan Against Russian Armed Aggression

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 23, 2022
Japan Against Russian Armed Aggression

Japanese YouTuber Koichi Kuwabara came to Kyiv to support Ukraine

Koichi Kuwabara arrived in Kyiv on September 18. The blogger is known in Japan for more than 10 years. He travels across Asia and gives free hugs for peace as part of his international campaign, Free Hugs for Peace. It was within the framework of his company that he came to Ukraine. Blogger not only hugged and photographed with everyone in the capital of Ukraine but also made a video for his blog. Kuwabara interviewed Ukrainians so that Japan could learn what the Russian-Ukrainian war was.

YouTuber made posters in support of Ukraine in the war with Russia. He notes that the world's interest in the war is fading, but this should not be allowed. That's why Koichi Kuwabara is doing everything they can. Blogger considers himself not so brave to go to war, does not know the Ukrainian language and can not support money. But he said that it is better to come to Ukraine with a hug, to express their support in a difficult time for Ukrainians, than to do nothing.

"A man from Ukraine said, "I'm afraid of being forgotten by the world". For my part, I would like to be even more vigilant and catch small voices that are not heard in the major media. I will be even more determined, and I will do everything possible to make Ukraine interesting to as many people as possible," Koichi said.

He also visited Irpin and was horrified. The Japanese have no idea how to live in destroyed buildings, but the Ukrainians are doing just that and, on their own, try to fix the destroyed homes.

The Japanese planned to hold its action on Maidan Nezhalezhosti (Independent Square) until September 25.

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