Japan Allocates $2.5 Mln to Heat Ukrainians

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 23, 2022
Japan Allocates $2.5 Mln to Heat Ukrainians

The funds will be used to purchase generators and solar devices

The foreign minister of Japan, Yoshimasa Hayashi announced an urgent aid package to Ukraine. Humanitarian aid is estimated at $2.5 million and will include solar lamps and generators. This decision was influenced by the approaching winter amid an emergency power outage. This does not affect the success of the military on the front, but Ukrainians leave without electricity, heat with a possible decrease in temperature to -22°F, and light when the country is dark by 5 p. m.

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan also noted they understand what such problems are related to. Japan once again recalled that large-scale power outages are necessary and sometimes inevitable due to the destruction of a large part of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure by missile strikes from Russia. With the onset of winter cold, Japan has now allocated $2.5 million to enable Ukrainians to use heating and lighting. In 2023, the country promises to continue its support, including in the G7 field.

Earlier, the Asian country transferred to Ukraine significant military assistance, including equipment for soldiers.

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