Joseph Biden’s Statement on Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, April 21, 2022
Joseph Biden’s Statement on Ukraine

On April 21, the US president announced the provision of 2 new aid packages to Ukraine worth $1.8 billion, as well as visas for refugees from Ukraine

April 21 at 5 p.m. US President Joe Biden gave a short press conference for journalists, in which he announced his plans for Ukraine. In his statement, Biden said that Russia must be confident that the United States will continue its support for Ukraine and economic sanctions against Russian terror to devastate their economy.

  1. Over the course of two weeks, Ukraine will receive $800 million in military assistance from America. This package will include weapons for the Ukrainian army: Howitzers, drones, helicopters, grenade launchers, Javelin, radar systems, machine guns, moved weapons and equipment to Ukraine at record speed.
  2. Ukraine will receive $1 billion to restore the economy within a month.
  3. Unite for Ukrainians Program. Providing citizens of Ukraine with a special and simple refugee visa. Anyone who has relatives or sponsors in America who can take care of a Ukrainian can get it. Those people who left one house and went abroad can fly directly from Europe to the USA.
  4. Blocking ships and vessels from Russia. Watercraft from Russia registered in Russia or carrying cargo from the Russian Federation are not allowed to enter US waters. The same practice has been introduced as the countries of the European Union and Great Britain has already introduced.

Joe Biden sent a verbatim message to Putin that he will never succeed in occupying and dominating Ukraine. The president of the United States said that Ukraine is an incredibly brave country: not only its army but every civilian man, woman, and even child are all fighting for their freedom as best they can. And that is why Russia has no chance of winning. According to Joe Jr Biden, every American and US taxpayer should be proud to help Ukraine in this war and advance the victory of freedom.

One of the journalists asked the president how long the US could help Ukraine. To which Biden replied that the opportunities for help are quite large, but the emphasis should be on something else: the most important is how to maintain unity.

The president said that he had already passed the relevant orders to the US departments and expected them to be processed as soon as possible.

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