Joint Weapon Purchase for Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Joint Weapon Purchase for Ukraine 

Estonian minister of defence Hanno Pevkur told about ways to support Ukraine in the tipping point 

The Estonian defence minister gave an interview before the NATO meeting. The members of the alliance will discuss the situation in Ukraine, it is expected that the meeting will bring decisions on strengthening Ukrainian positions in the war. However, Hanno Pevkur has already called on the allies to provide Ukraine with even more weapons for a quick resolution of the conflict.

"We would like to move to a joint arms purchase. We would like the EU to jointly buy at least a million shells for Ukraine. This is very important to maintain their combat capability," he said.

But while calls regarding weapons will be discussed, the head of the Estonian Ministry said about the minimal assistance to Ukraine. Pevkur says that the partners of Ukraine should transfer €100 billion for 2023. He notes that this is both weapons and related aid in wartime. The sum will be collected by all the allies together.

The minister noted that, at the moment, the West provides a much smaller amount of aid while stressing that everything depends on the determination.

"This is only 1/5 of our domestic product because Estonia has already provided about €400 million of military aid, which is 1.1% of our GDP," the representative of Estonia explained.

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