Josep Borrell G20 Statements

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, July 8, 2022
Josep Borrell G20 Statements

On July 8, the high representative of the EU called on all countries to end the war and restore the sovereignty of Ukraine

On July 8, a conference started in Bali, where delegations from 20 countries headed by prime ministers arrived to discuss the most pressing issues of our time. Sergey Lavrov had the "courage" to come to the summit and listen to the truth about his country.

Among the participants today is the vice president of the European Commission Josep Borrell. During his speech, Borrell called on all countries to oppose Russia's aggression and restore world order.

"In the face of aggression, no one can be neutral. No one can live safely in a world where the illegal use of force is normalised or tolerated. I urged all participants to help end the war, to restore Ukraine's sovereignty and to ensure that the global fallout is contained," Josep Borrell.

"Russia's aggression constitutes a blatant violation of international law. It brings fragmentation of the world order and endangers the global economic recovery. And it is not just a war affecting Europe or a Western conflict, but an international conflict of extreme gravity," Josep Borrell on Twitter.

Also, Borrell again stressed that 1.2 billion people today are in the face of rising food and gasoline prices and a deteriorating financial situation. And all thanks to Russia, which deliberately creates a global crisis, "using food as a weapon of war."

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