Kaja Kallas Helps Ukrainian Soldiers in the Trenches

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Kaja Kallas Helps Ukrainian Soldiers in the Trenches

Estonian PM joined a team that makes military candles

On February 5, Kaja Kallas posted on Twitter about the day of the women's volunteer defence organization Naiskodukaitse. As part of her visit, which is another evidence of the support of Ukraine both from the government and from the people of Estonia, Kaja Kallas took part in the manufacture of trench candles. These candles will be sent to Ukraine, and there they will be handed over to the soldiers who defend Ukraine in the cold, deep trenches and separation from loved ones.

"Russia's war against Ukraine is a war against democracy and freedom. Everywhere in Estonia, people are doing all they can to support Ukraine. I visited Naiskodukaitse who came together on weekends to make trench candles for Ukrainian soldiers. Everyone can help Ukraine win," Kaja Kallas.

Earlier, the minister helped Estonian women weave camouflage nets for the Ukrainian army.

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