Kernel Invests in Building Fortifications in Sumy Oblast to Bolster Ukraine’s Defense

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Kernel Invests in Building Fortifications in Sumy Oblast to Bolster Ukraine’s Defense

Kernel, a major corporation in Ukraine, has been actively supporting the country’s defense efforts since the onset of the full-scale war

The company has allocated over UAH 2.3 billion towards aiding the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the procurement of essential equipment for military brigades. In response to the ongoing need for fortified defenses, Kernel is now focusing on constructing robust fortifications in the Sumy region.

The development of these fortifications is crucial for mitigating the risks associated with military aggression. These structures serve as vital barriers and obstacles, enhancing the security and resilience of the region against potential threats. The urgency for such measures has increased as the adversary continues to build and strengthen their own fortifications along the border.

"We realize that we cannot delay strengthening the protection of Ukrainian territories, so we join in wherever we can. Sumy is one of the regions where our company is present, so the problems of the region are always in the focus of our attention," explained Kateryna Spivakova, director of communications and GR at Kernel. She further emphasized the importance of these constructions, noting that "Supporting the construction of fortifications for the company is another step towards strengthening the country's defense capabilities."

The fortifications being built include armored capsules, concrete shelters, trenches, and firing positions. These are designed not only to protect soldiers at their posts but also to facilitate their safe evacuation and movement when necessary.

Despite challenging weather conditions in early spring and the intricate nature of such constructions, Kernel ensures that the work adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. This initiative by Kernel underscores the private sector's pivotal role in bolstering national defense and demonstrates a committed corporate approach to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and security.

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