“KFC” Leaves the Russian Market

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 26, 2022
“KFC” Leaves the Russian Market

Russia does not release "KFC": the aggressor bought a master franchise for restaurants in Russia with the condition of rebranding

The Russian food industry is again trying not to slide into the past era and at least somehow to keep modern restaurants in the country. After McDonald's was sold and renamed Vkusno i tochka (Tasty and Dot in English — ed.), the next American corporation wanted to leave Russia. This process starts as the reaction to the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army.

American Yum! Brands left Russia but sold the franchise to KFC. But the corporation doesn't want the aggressor cooking and trading under an American name, so the new owner has to rename the fast food chain. The Russian company, Smart Service LTD, will become the owner of all KFC restaurants — there are more than 1.000 in Russia. According to the agreement, all restaurants must be rebranded over time. According to Russian media, the name KFC replaces Rostic's.

Hmm, Russia needs a fast-food chain made by "bad Americans".

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