Kharkiv Enterprise Innovates with New Demining Machine Development

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, April 12, 2024
Kharkiv Enterprise Innovates with New Demining Machine Development

In an effort to address the critical need for demining in the region, a Kharkiv-based company is on the verge of introducing the MP5100 demining machine

Vadym Anosov, the head of the enterprise, shared insights into the development during a meeting of the Regional Office of International Cooperation focused on demining efforts.

The MP5100 boasts versatility through its capability to be fitted with various attachments, including hammer, milling, or bulldozer options. Weighing in at 16 tons and with a working width of 2.2 meters, the machine is nearing the end of its development phase, with a prototype already created and testing expected to commence shortly.

Anosov elaborated on the machine's capabilities, noting its proficiency in neutralizing all mine types, either by detonation or destruction, and its ability to detect explosive materials up to 300 mm deep. Impressively, the machine's functionality remains unhampered by mine detonations, and its active body is designed to mitigate the explosive impact of anti-tank mines. With an estimated cost of $350-400 thousand, including VAT, the MP5100 represents a significant advancement in the field of demining technology, offering a robust solution to the challenges faced in mine-affected areas.

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