Kidnapped Ukrainians Are Forced to Renounce Their Citizenship

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 12, 2022
Kidnapped Ukrainians Are Forced to Renounce Their Citizenship

Russia, which forcibly deported more than 50.000 Ukrainians, forces them to obtain passports of the aggressor country

Most of the deported Ukrainians were those who tried to evacuate. The Russians captured them and forcibly deported them to Russia. There is also a group of Ukrainians who were simply abducted from the hospital, while coming out of the rubble in Mariupol, and so on. All this is a crime, and Ukraine will not put up with it.

Russians took away the passports of Ukrainians, sent them to economically suppressed regions, and deprived them of the possibility not only to return home but also to report their whereabouts. Instead of passports, Ukrainians were issued a certificate forbidding them to leave Russia for 2 years. In fact, Ukrainians have no rights and are illegally forced to work where even Russians don't want to.

Now Ukrainians are being blackmailed into writing applications for Russian passports in order to further integrate Ukrainian citizens into Russia's dirty political, economic, and humanitarian space.

First of all, the most vulnerable population categories were forced: women (and automatically with them — children), the disabled, and retirees. Already 12.000 Ukrainians have been forced to obtain passports from the aggressor country.

Forced passportization is never recognized by Ukraine and the Geneva Conventions, and we will not release any of our citizens. Each of the Ukrainians imprisoned by Russia will return home.

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