Killed by Torture Ukrainian Medical Doctor Found in Kharkiv

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, April 30, 2022
Killed by Torture Ukrainian Medical Doctor Found in Kharkiv

Russian occupation forces killed a Ukrainian doctor who took part in an anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine

The Ukrainian military is moving from defense to attack. Ukrainians do not want to give up their land and accept the dangers to residents, so counter-attacks are carried out wherever possible. But new terrible crimes are revealed together in small victories. They resemble Irpin and Bucha.

Thus, the defenders of Ukraine recently liberated the village of Gusarovka, the Kharkiv region. There, the occupiers tried to destroy almost every building and every civilian.

27-year-old Ukrainian Medic was among the people killed by the Russian occupiers. A medic from the village of Gusarovka took part in the anti-terrorist operation in 2014. He was used to saving people but didn’t think he’d need salvation. But no one could have saved the doctor’s life.

The body of the man was found after the liberation of the village. The investigation established that the Ukrainian hero was tortured. There were many wounds on the man’s body. In addition to superficial wounds from sharp objects, there were also bullet wounds. The occupants shot through the man’s knees and feet. The 27-year-old man also suffered a brain injury. But after that, he did not die. The Ukrainian defender died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

The chief of the national police of the Kharkiv region reported on this terrible story. Unfortunately, the occupiers torment the Ukrainian people, feeling permissiveness and lack of control by the governors of the Russian Federation.

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