King of Horrors Urged Russia to “Get the F*ck Out of Ukraine”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 8, 2022
King of Horrors Urged Russia to “Get the F*ck Out of Ukraine”

Stephen King continues to tell the world who Russians are and where they belong

Since February 24, Stephen King has declared the illegality of the Russian attack, the failure of Russian tactics and regularly calls on the army of the aggressor country to leave the territory of Ukraine. On October 6, the King of Horrors again appealed to Russia and advised them of a place to be better than Ukraine.

"World to Russia: Get the fuck out of Ukraine. It’s not your country," Stephen King.

The Ukrainian Ministry of defence could not fail to respond to such support. They praised the star for supporting and illuminating the war and noticed an interesting feature. The Ministry remembered King's How to Learn to Write. The Ministry noted that the book is really useful and teaches people what is written on the cover.

"Today you are teaching the world how to talk peace to Russia, the only way it is ready to understand," the representatives of the Ukrainian defence Ministry replied from the official Twitter page.

King repeatedly colourfully commented on what is happening in Ukraine and showed that Russians are not respected. So, for example, after the Russian army began to retreat at the beginning of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, he also did not remain silent: "Someone getting their ass kicked," wrote the famous writer.

And it will be until all the Russians evaporate from Ukrainian land.

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