Kissinger: Ukraine Is Already Part of NATO

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 15, 2022
Kissinger: Ukraine Is Already Part of NATO

Henry Kissinger changed his attitude towards the Russian-Ukrainian war

Kissinger's initial statements about the war were ambiguous. The politician believed that the Ukrainians should take care of the peace and give up the already seized territories. However, in a recent interview with ZDF, he said the opposite. Henry Kissinger stated that Ukraine and the West should be "in the same boat" during possible upcoming negotiations with Russia. The countries should demand from Russia the return of all Ukrainian territories. First, we should talk about the cities captured after February 24.

In addition, the former US secretary of State hinted that Ukraine's entry into the North Atlantic Alliance is already taking place.

"He (Henry Kissinger — ed.) just doesn't say anything. His words like "the lot is cast" and "Ukraine should be formally or informally considered as part of NATO", I would say, are very expensive. Kissinger has always wanted us to be part of the West, but he has opposed NATO membership and even recently has been a bit reluctant. Now his words mean that the West's vision of geopolitics has finally changed," wrote former Ukrainian foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin on Facebook.

The advisor of the US Government security commission, Paul Massaro, also stated that Ukraine should be in NATO.

"Ukraine in NATO," wrote Massaro on Twitter on the 14th of August.

There is already some evidence that Ukraine is perceived differently in Europe and may soon officially become an Eastern outpost. The Ukrainian army adopts the standards and armament of the North Atlantic Alliance and is trained in Britain. Ukraine's integration with NATO structures is increasing.

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