Kitty-Kitty, Bavukovyatko

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, August 29, 2022
Kitty-Kitty, Bavukovyatko

Mystic Ukrainian animal blows up military bases, warehouses, oil bases, and rails in Russia and Crimea

The Ministry of defence of Ukraine published on Twitter a drawing of a mystical animal — a kitten-ghost Bavukovyatko.

"Fluffy and restless. At night Bavukovyatko quietly comes to the bases of the kafirs, warehouses, airfields, oil refineries and other places filled with flammable objects, and begins there to play with fire," said in the commentary below the picture.

The joke picture appeared as a consequence of the game of Ukrainian and Russian words taking place at Russian military facilities. In the spring, Belgorod, Russia, which is located near the Ukrainian border, began to explode and flare up constantly. The authorities of the Russian Federation did not comment on anything or said that the explosions are an accident (abandoned cigarette butt or smoking in the wrong place). The Russian media began calling the event "clap" (in Russian, it sounds like "khlopok"). "Khlopok" is the amonium of the word "cotton" in Russian.

In Ukraine, "cotton" is translated as "bavovna". This word quickly spread in the Ukrainian information space. So came an interesting military term, and now a mystical animal. The furry animal has already become popular on social media.  It symbolizes "bavovna", meaning explosions at strategic sites in Russia and temporarily occupied territories, which continue to explain to those who smoked.

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