KMZ Industries and Variant Agro Build Announced the Merger

Friday, April 30, 2021
KMZ Industries and Variant Agro Build Announced the Merger

The merger of the silo direction of LLC «Variant Agro Stroy» with PEC «Karlovy Vary Machine-building plant» will be completed by the end of 2021

According to the representatives of the companies, due to the merger all assets of the “Variant Agro Build” are transferred to “KMZ Industries”. The joint company will work on behalf of CJSC “Karlovy Vary Machine-building plant”. Shares are distributed as follows:

80% — “Dragon Capital”

20% — “Variant Agro Build”

The combined production capacity of the association will allow to produce equipment for investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/warehouses/" rel="dofollow">storage of 2 million tons per year, and the total sales shaft can reach 1 billion.

“It’s a combination of the best teams and products on the market. As a result of the merger of the flags of the market, the united company will become the largest Ukrainian producer in volume and production possibilities, technological expertise and product line. We expect that this agreement will allow for the full realization of the positive synergies of the integration, where 1+1>2. The advantages of this decision will be felt and appreciated by clients, suppliers and partners of companies,” — says “Dragon capital” managing director Andrey Nosok.

“The Ukrainian grain market has received a powerful boost for further development, and the farmers will get more modern and high-quality domestic equipment. As a result of combining the production experience and expertise of both companies, our clients will be able to obtain the most advanced solutions from the same hands and with the best customer service. We see great opportunities in joining forces on KMZ Industries and look with great optimism on the development of joint business,” — noted co-owner of “Variant agro build” Daniel Shufani.

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