Kosovo Pledges Military Aid to Ukraine Including Armored Vehicles and Mortar Shells

by Cheplyk Roman
Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Kosovo Pledges Military Aid to Ukraine Including Armored Vehicles and Mortar Shells

Kosovo, the partially recognized Republic, has announced its decision to provide Ukraine with two separate packages of military aid, comprising trucks, armored vehicles, and ammunition for mortars

The announcement was made by Kosovo's Minister of Defense, Eyup Macedonsi, via Twitter.

During the 20th Rammstein meeting, Minister Macedonsi disclosed the delivery of the second package of military aid to Ukraine, focusing on mortar shells. "Today, at the meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine, I announced our second package of military aid for Ukraine, which consists of mortar shells," Macedonsi tweeted.

Macedonsi also reaffirmed Kosovo's ongoing support for Ukraine amidst its battle against Russian aggression, stating, "Kosovo will continue to support Ukraine in its heroic war against Russian aggression."

The first aid package, which includes trucks and both tactical and armored vehicles, is slated for delivery to Ukraine in the coming week. This move marks the first instance of Kosovo sending military aid to Ukraine and underscores its stance alongside countries that have condemned Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and supported EU sanctions against Russia.

The 20th Rammstein Meeting: A Convergence for Ukraine's Defense

The 20th Rammstein meeting, chaired by Pentagon Head Lloyd Austin, was conducted on March 20. Held at the German air base Ramstein AB, this gathering marks a continuation of the allies' collaborative efforts that began in the spring of 2022. The meeting brought together defense ministers and senior military officials from approximately 50 countries, emphasizing the global coalition's commitment to supporting Ukraine in its defense against ongoing Russian military actions.

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