Kremenchuk Teract. Burnt Alive in “Amstor” Shop

29 dead. 59 wounded. 40 are missing. The remaining incinerated bodies cannot be identified

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On June 27, Russia fired a 12-meter "Kh-22" missile at an "Amstor" supermarket in the city of Kremenchuk

Of the more than 1.000 people who were in the store, a few dozen survived. The rest were instantly killed by the explosion or burned alive.

“They will not install bodies, but parts of bodies."

"This is terrible. I just saw a torso with its arms torn off. All that was left of the building was a frame the size of a football field," "ABC News" correspondent James Longman from Kremenchuk.

"Horrifying reports and images emerging from Kremenchuk of a Russian missile attack on a crowded shopping center. The world will hold the Kremlin accountable for its atrocities in Ukraine"

Bridget Brink

"The Russian strikes on Ukrainian civilian targets are basically terrorist attacks. Skava Ukraini!"

Stephen King

“This horrific attack once again showed the depth of cruelty and barbarism to which the Russian leader has descended. Our thoughts once again go to the families of the innocent victims in Ukraine”

Boris Johnson

“Russian missile attacks on Kyiv are another manifestation of their barbarity"

Joe Biden 

"There are many fragments of bodies that need to be identified. A special forensic laboratory has left here, which was handed over to us for the investigation of war crimes by international partners. It will allow us here, on the spot, to collect DNA samples and begin identification," the minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Denys Monastyrskyy.

Russian propaganda lied that during the shelling of the rocket, the shop was closed/there were no people there, and Ukraine's statements about a mass terract against Ukrainians is a fiction

The president of Ukraine published a photo of a receipt from a store, taken 10 minutes before the missile attack

“They carried out people burned, ragged, completely covered in blood”

A man and his wife survived a missile attack.

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