Kyiv Artist Paints War Through MidJorney

You can buy paintings at NFT and help the artist buy thermal imagers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Ukrainian artist Maria Sharlai draws war with the help of artificial intelligence

Tragedies become a series of paintings on MidJorney: the terrorist attack in Olenivka, Azovstal, the massacre in Kherson etc.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine, like the season of watermelons, is coming!"

This is how he describes his series of paintings about Kherson, created with the idea of ​​what a postcard from war-torn Kherson might look like now.

"Thoughts about Kherson are always on in the background because now there is a person very dear to me at the front", Maria Sharlai.

"For me, the entire language of this war is a formulation for artificial intelligence, an extract of words about war, because as a drawing person, I cannot often endure and paint what I saw and felt"
From the "Cities" series
From the "Azovstal" series
From the "Ukrainian harvest" series
"I have been engaged in illustration and texts for many years. My favourite visual and literary language was comics. Now my language has been taken away, and my hands cannot hold a pencil, even from an iPad"
"No language, neither visual nor literary, could describe what was happening inside. I started writing tasks for artificial intelligence just as like my diary and see what the machine generates"
"When it becomes clear, I will definitely use any opportunity to help the army and turn digital images into real thermal images," Maria.

For now, the rights to the paintings belong to MidJorney. So far, the issue of the sale of artworks has not been settled. But as soon as Maria learns about the issue of royalties from the sale of NFT, she will start selling her postcards and donating to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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