Kyiv Regional Smart Power Grids

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, June 26, 2023
Kyiv Regional Smart Power Grids

Kyiv's private electricity supplier will launch the first smart grid in Ukraine after the victory

Reconstruction will be implemented on the territory of the Kyiv region: "20,000 km of new overhead and underground cables, 250 substations, 6.000 transformers and the installation of almost a million "smart" meters," DTEK. Investments €2.4 billion, the term 10 years. In the first 3 years, DTEK is reconstructing the Irpin-Bucha-Borodyanka energy infrastructure. Investments for the pilot project €145 million.

Advantages of Smart Grid for the energy system of the Kyiv region:

  • Separation from the centralised energy supply makes the system resistant to Russian attacks on the unified energy grid of Ukraine;
  • The system is ecological and adapts to the possibilities of renewable energy, decarbonisation and energy storage;
  • The presence of the Digital twin option, which accurately predicts the operation of the smart grid in practice.

Thanks to this innovation, the annual system average interruption duration index will decrease from 1.500 to 100 minutes, and technological losses from 14% to 5%.

In April 2022, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the entire Kyiv region from the occupiers. The destroyed, mutilated region had to be restored in record terms. And over 1.000 DTEK engineers restored 10.000 km of power lines and over 3.000 transformers in less than 45 days. This became the impetus to the fact that Ukraine needs a smart grid that is able to take care of its customers ecologically under any conditions.

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