Kyiv Zoo-Foundation Sells Masterpieces Created by Paws of Cats and Dogs

“Happy Paw” charity foundation sells paintings made by pet paws to raise money to expand the veterinary office at the “Rebirth” animal shelter in the Kyiv region  
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Today, "Rebirth" is home to 200 dogs and 40 cats, some of which were evacuated from war zones

Fluffy boys and girls need care and treatment. To do this, the pets, with the help of their human parents, painted pictures that "Happy Paw" will sell at auction.

The proceeds will be used to expand the department of veterinary medicine and purchase medicines and equipment. Pets will also be spayed and microchipped at the shelter. All that is needed to carry out this plan is $9.800.


The most generous bidder will receive an extraordinary bonus as a gift — a painting painted by the blind dog Ray, who has been living in the shelter for over 10 years.

The "World Central Kitchen" ex-CEO Nate Muk is now in Ukraine and is engaged in helping animals affected by the war

You may help animals here.

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