Latvia Sends First Batch of Drones to Ukraine, Prepares Second Shipment

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 17, 2024
Latvia Sends First Batch of Drones to Ukraine, Prepares Second Shipment

As part of the international drone coalition, Latvia has successfully dispatched its first batch of drones to Ukraine

Latvian Defense Minister Andris Spruds confirmed this development in a recent interview.

"Latvia has already organized a batch of drones and they have already been sent. Now we are already collecting the second batch of drones, which should soon be sent to Ukraine," Spruds stated.

The minister highlighted Latvia's significant role in the Drone Coalition for Ukraine, co-led with the United Kingdom. This year, Latvia has pledged a contribution of 20 million euros.

"At the same time, when we count those countries that have already committed themselves, it is more than 500 million, to be precise, 549 million euros have already been pledged by the member states, partners within the framework of the drone coalition. So the next step is to use this effectively funding, and we do it on several levels," he added.

The Drone Coalition: An Overview

The drone coalition, officially launched on February 17, 2024, as part of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine, consists of countries dedicated to producing and transferring drones to Ukraine. This initiative aims to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities amid the ongoing Russian invasion.

To date, 14 countries have joined the drone coalition, including Latvia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, France, Canada, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, and Sweden. The Czech Republic is also in the process of joining.

Italy and France Join the Effort

Recently, Italy and France have officially joined the coalition, reinforcing the collective commitment to support Ukraine with advanced drone technology and other military resources.

The coalition's combined financial commitments exceed 549 million euros, which will be utilized to enhance Ukraine's defense infrastructure and capabilities through multiple levels of strategic implementation.


Latvia's proactive approach in sending drones and preparing additional batches underscores its dedication to the drone coalition and Ukraine's defense. As more countries contribute to this initiative, the coalition's impact on Ukraine's ability to repel aggression and secure its sovereignty will continue to grow.

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