Latvia to Supply Ukraine with 2,500 Combat Drones in July

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, July 5, 2024
Latvia to Supply Ukraine with 2,500 Combat Drones in July

Latvia is set to deliver over 2,500 combat drones to Ukraine by the end of July as part of the international UAV coalition

This initiative, worth 4 million euros, will see the first batch of 300 drones arriving within the next few days.

Key Details:

  • Quantity and Cost:

    • Total of 2,500 combat drones.
    • Investment of 4 million euros.
  • Manufacturers:

    • The drones are being produced by seven Latvian companies.
  • Delivery Timeline:

    • The first batch of 300 drones is expected in the coming days.
  • Official Statement:

    • Andris Spruds, head of the department, emphasized the coalition's efforts: "The coalition of drones is gaining momentum. Together with the participants of the international coalition of drones, we are constantly working on supplying Ukraine with combat drones of various capacities in accordance with the current needs and test requirements of the Ukrainian army."

Broader Context:

This move is part of a larger effort by the international UAV coalition to support Ukraine amidst ongoing conflicts. European officials have noted the development of a new attack drone by China and Russia, similar to the Iranian "Shahed" drones used by Russia in attacks on Ukraine.

Ukrainian Military Advancements:

  • The Ukrainian military industry has begun serial production of kamikaze drones capable of hitting targets over 1,000 kilometers away, further bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities.

This significant support from Latvia underscores the international community's commitment to aiding Ukraine with advanced military technology and enhancing its defense capabilities against ongoing threats.

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