Launch of Common Gas Purchases Through “AggregateEU”

Tuesday, May 17, 2023
Launch of Common Gas Purchases Through “AggregateEU”

Ukraine participates in the development of the platform to ensure the energy security of Europe

5 months ago, the European Union launched a program to strengthen Europe's energy security and reduce energy prices in the European energy community. On April 25, the European Union opened the joint pan-European gas purchases AggregateEU. Ukraine and Moldova also participated in the first tender, and the request of the states was 100% fulfilled.

"This can be called, without exaggeration, an outstanding success. The combination of demand from several EU countries was the right decision to take advantage of the strong purchasing power of the EU and work successfully to fill European gas storage before next winter. A total purchase volume of 10.9 billion m³ of gas was achieved, of which LNG accounts for about 20%, and the remaining 80% is covered by pipeline gas," Maros Sefcovic, vice president of the European Commission.

In the first tender, there were 25 gas suppliers and 110 buyers. Of course, sellers from Russia were not allowed to tender. AggregateEU's initial buyer request was 11.6 billion m³ of gas, and the offer was 13.4 billion m³ of gas.

On May 22, the stage of concluding contracts outside AggregateEU and the European Commission starts. The second wave of tenders will take place in June this year.

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