Launch of the European Business Association Project in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 23, 2021
Launch of the European Business Association Project in Ukraine

EBA presented Ukraine’s first charity marketplace

The online service, created in Ukraine by the European business association, is named Second Chance Bank. This platform takes care of the ecology and entrepreneurs who are just beginning.

A lot of people know how much business needs to start up. When opening a case, the most important matters become official papers, the rental or purchase of premises, and space organization. On the base of the platform, you can find office equipment and even office supplies put up for sale. It is assumed that all goods were already in use and can now be used by another person.

You can find the right object in the application in two ways:

  • View existing lots

Other users create them. Users post on the site, for example, office supplies, household appliances, uniforms, dishes that are no longer needed in the office or at home. Anyone who wants to take over an object responds to an ad.

  • Create the request yourself.

You can write in a special service window about searching for a particular item for the business. Other Second Chance Bank members can respond if they have the detail. The price is discussed during the transaction.

The representative of EBA, executive director Hanna Derevianko, notes that this is a people-oriented project.

"We have a strong desire to benefit both to the eco-benefits, developing a culture of things reuse, changing habits, and everyday life towards more eco-friendliness. Because things that one doesn't need can serve other people. They may not go to the landfill,  but benefit the environment as well," she said.

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