Lease of Ukrainian land and agricultural products became an object of interest for Iran

Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Lease of Ukrainian land and agricultural products became an object of interest for Iran

During the online conference, Iran expressed a desire that Ukraine should become the supplier of sunflower oil wheat, corn, and soybeans

“In addition to the direct import of AIC products, Iranian companies are interested in leasing agricultural land for growing grain and oilseeds for their own consumption or re-export to third countries,” the Іtatement said.

Long-term cooperation with both countries can be beneficial due to Iran's significant water supply problems. In this regard, the country has announced that agricultural products will not be grown on the territory of the country. This was announced by the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mining and Agricultural Industry of Iran, Golamhossein Shafei.

"The parties agreed to contribute to the improvement of indicators of bilateral economic cooperation, in particular through the implementation of activities between the regional chambers of the two countries and the organization of business missions after the quarantine has been relaxed," the Golamhossein Shafei said.

Agricultural products are the reason for the long-term partnership with Ukraine since by the end of the year, its indicators reached 95% of the trade turnover between the countries.

As the President of CCI Ukraine Gennady Chizhikov says: “Taking into account the specifics of working with the countries of the Middle East, CCI Ukraine can strengthen its role as a conductor for Ukrainian business when entering the Iranian market. The main thing is that business is positively disposed and strives for cooperation".

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