Lithuanians Raised €5.3 Mln for Drones for Ukrainians

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, February 3, 2023
Lithuanians Raised €5.3 Mln for Drones for Ukrainians

€1.006.000 was raised in 1 hour, and IT company "Tesonet" doubled this amount

On January 30, Andrius Tapinas launched fundraising Radarom (Let's radar) to purchase air defence radars to protect Ukrainians from Russian missiles and drones. As of the morning of February 3, Radarom was €5.3 million.

€500.000 was collected in the first 6 hours. Then the Lithuanian IT company Tesonet joined in and announced a "happy hour": every euro sent between 8 and 9 a. m. Kyiv time will be doubled. And in just 1 hour, Lithuanians collected more than 1 million euros.

"Absolute record. Worldwide. Lithuanians raise €1.006.000 for radars for Ukraine in 1 hour. Lithuanian IT company Tesonet doubles it for €2.012.000. In 1 hour. Our nation stands with Ukraine until the very end. Until victory," Andrius Tapinas.

It's just incredible. Ukraine will never forget this.

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