Lithuanians Sent 3 Radars to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 24, 2023
Lithuanians Sent 3 Radars to Ukraine

As part of the "Radarom" campaign, citizens of the state raised funds for 16 radars to protect the sky over Ukraine

In January 2022, Lithuanians launched Radarom crowdfunding, raised 14 million in February, purchased radars in March, and in April, the first 3 of them were already sent to Ukraine. The remaining drones are being prepared for delivery to Ukraine today.

"We received the first radars back in March, and then the rest of the batch reached us in several stages. We sent 3 radars to Ukraine. Now that we have all the others, we are preparing them for shipment to Ukraine. We are moving at a good pace, a significant part of the work has been completed," responsible for the purchase and transfer of equipment, Jonas Oman.

In total, thanks to the sacrifice and humanity of the Lithuanian people, it was possible to purchase 4 portable radar systems and 12 stationary ones. The last euro was sent to the Radarom moneybox on February 24 the anniversary of the full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine.

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