Lithuania’s Renunciation of Russian Gas

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 4, 2022
Lithuania’s Renunciation of Russian Gas

Lithuania is the first EU country to renounce the aggressor country's gas

Russia receives its main income and replenishes the state budget thanks to gas exports. This money can and is likely to be used to sponsor wars against Ukraine. Ukraine also depends on the gas of the aggressor country, but even at significant risk, it is not prepared to pay for the killing of its people. Therefore, the Ukrainian President calls on other countries to stop buying gas from the Russian Federation.

Lithuania has completely stopped importing gas from Russia while the world assesses the risks. This decision was taken by the government in response to new demand from Russia. The aggressor country adopted a law on the payment of fuel supplies in rubles.

"Seeking full energy independence from Russian gas, in response to Russia's energy blackmail in Europe and war in Ukraine, Lithuania has completely renounced Russian gas: since the beginning of this month, the Lithuanian gas transportation system operates without the import of Russian gas," said in the Lithuanian Ministry of energy.

Minister of energy Dainius Kravis called this a turning point in the history of Lithuania's energy independence.

"We are the first EU country among Gazprom supplier countries to achieve independence from Russian gas supplies, and this is the result of years of consistent energy policy and timely infrastructure decisions," he said.

Lithuania is also on the list of leaders in support of Ukraine. They will completely close the borders with Russia and Belarus within 2-3 days. Poland, Latvia, and Estonia will join this step.

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