“Lozova Machinery” Increased Sales to Europe by 40%

by Anna Gayduk
Monday, November 29, 2021
“Lozova Machinery” Increased Sales to Europe by 40%

Ukrainian tillage and seeding units company summarized the results of the agricultural season in Europe

In 2021, Lozova Machinery managed to significantly expand the range of supplied products, as well as increase sales to Germany, Poland, Moldova, and Lithuania by more than 40%.

The company notes that DUCAT disc harrows with different working widths remain the constant sales leader on the European market. This line is in greatest demand in Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, and Germany. Local farmers note that Ukrainian-made disc harrows are distinguished by high productivity and high-quality resource-saving processing, in comparison with the expensive equivalents of other world brands. Of particular note is the undeniable advantage: the ZERO SERVICE principle. It is important for farmers that the equipment is in operation for as long as possible without additional service, which is what the DUCAT line provides.

Compared to 2020, the company has expanded its product range to Europe. This year, sales of the LIRA spring harrow with working widths of 15 m and 24 m started in the EU countries. The legendary LIRA harrow, which has been in demand for almost two decades, met with restrictions on deliveries to Europe due to the standard transport dimensions for our country (4 m). But after modernization, the transport width of LIRA fully complies with European standards and is 3 meters.

In addition to France and the Balkan countries, Polish farmers also discovered and successfully tested DINAR rotary harrows on their fields, which cultivate the soil in high germination without injuring them. According to the results of the year, the equipment has successfully entered the market, and further successful implementation of the line is predicted.

The company adds that according to the results of marketing research, the demand for the LARI harrow is predicted among European farmers who are already interested in the line. Therefore, the company is actively promoting harrows to help farmers start the new spring season on time. The machines are the first to enter the field in any weather, and even sticky wet soil is not an obstacle for them, the implements easily overcome it. And 16 rows of diamond-shaped teeth are recognized as one of the most wear-resistant and reliable on the market (which is confirmed by independent experts).

For the next year, the company plans to work actively on additional development in such markets as Romania, Hungary, and France (of course, while maintaining the pace of development in other countries).

At the beginning of the year, Lozova Machinery will take part in AGRITECHNICA-2022, the largest and most anticipated agro-industrial event. The company is preparing a bright exposition that will demonstrate the growth and development of the Ukrainian agricultural machinery industry.

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