Luxembourg Support Ukrainian Paramedics 

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 15, 2023
Luxembourg Support Ukrainian Paramedics 

The state transferred 14 armoured ambulances arrived to Ukraine

War changes the face of countries and their needs. One such need in Ukraine is safe transport to help shield victims in the combat zone and front-line points. The country's allies, therefore, support the needs and create the most needed aid packages. One form of such assistance was Luxembourg's transfer to Ukraine of ambulances.

Armoured cars are manufactured in Britain by the company Venari. In Ukraine, they will be sent to the hot spots of the country to rescue soldiers and civilians. It is known that Luxembourg has 14 cars at once. It was possible to buy them with the help of the society of Ukrainians in Luxembourg LUkraine asbl. The organisation opened a fundraiser to reach €10 million for Ukraine. With this money, volunteers want to buy 112 cars. All cars will be aimed at saving people: fire trucks and ambulances.

Ukraine thanked the allied country for its assistance. In particular, gratitude was expressed to the team that organised the action, minister of defence of Luxembourg Francois Bausch, chief of general staff Steve Tull, and deputy head of Venari Group Oliver North.

The Ministry of defence of Luxembourg and the LUkraine society will save the lives of more than one Ukrainian. 

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