Infographics: JSC First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant

Sunday, January 24, 2021
Infographics: JSC First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant

JSC First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant infographics. Was founded in 1882. Main activity: manufacture of other special-purpose machinery and equipment.


  1. Key facts of object
  2. History
  3. Location
  4. Main activity
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Potential projects
  7. Kyiv climate
  8. Investment info


  • Large privatization: JSC "First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant"
  • Price: auction start price from $39 900 900
  • Location: 49/2 Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine

Key facts of object

  • JSC "First Kyiv Machine-building Plant" was founded in 1882.
  • Real estate (80% in deteriorated condition).
  • Machine-building equipment.
  • Land use rights: 35 ha.
  • Attractive location near an important transport hub in Kyiv.

49/2 Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv, 03057.

+38 (044) 456 41 14 , +38 (044) 456 93 17

A block of shares of JSC "First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant" in the amount of 100% of the authorized capital of the company.


SC "First Kyiv Machine-building Plant" was founded in 1882. At first, the plant employed 30 employees.

The plant has retained its universal technological capabilities, its basic specialization and continues to maintain a monopoly on certain types of products in the CIS countries.

And with certain types of products, the plant competes in the world market. Most of the products that the plant makes are not produced by any enterprise in Ukraine.


In 1890, the construction (on the same territory) of a new plant began. Became the largest engineering company in the city. Produced equipment for sugar factories, steam boilers, pumps, etc.


In 1903 the plant was modernized again. Since 1926, a new technological process has been introduced at the plant - electric welding. And the plant started working with metal.

Present time

From the last quarter of the XX century, the "Bilshovyk" plant became and still remains the leading enterprise among the CIS and Eastern European countries in manufacturing large-tonnage equipment with a big single output for processing rubber, plastics, or their waste.


The territory of JSC "First Kyiv Machine-building Plant" is located in the center of Kyiv. Attractive location near an important transport hub.

Kyiv represents the focal point of Ukraine's "national roads" system, thus linked by road to all cities of the country. European routes E40, E95, and E373 intersect in Kyiv.

Important objects

Important infrastructure objects near the first machine-building plant:

  • Shuliavska metro station
  • Main transport interchanges
  • Silver office center
  • Kyiv zoo
  • Four top universities of Ukraine
  • Dovzhenko film studio
  • "KPI" park of the university
  • Pushkin park
  • Arcadia mall
  • Marmalade mall
  • Smart Plaza Polytech mall
  • Cosmopolite mall
  • Cosmopolite hotel
  • Several business centers
  • Building materials store "Oldi"
  • Several large retail stores

Kyiv is the Business center of Ukraine

Kyiv is one of the biggest cities in Europe. It is a bustling capital of independent Ukraine, its administrative, economic, scientific, cultural, and educational center.

This scenic city with a population of over 3 million people is located on the shores of the Dnipro River.

Main activity

Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery and equipment.

Progressive technological processes are being applied, including plasma fusing, figured cutting, local thermal strengthening, fusing with a laser beam, etc.

The enterprise offers to its customer's services of highly skilled engineers and workers with a big complex of various metal-processing machines, welding, foundry, galvanic instrumental, woodworking, and other types of equipment.


Metalworking production with a large fleet of various machine tools, which allows performing: turning parts with a diameter of up to 1.6 and a length of up to 10 meters; turning-carousel – with a diameter up to 6.3 meters.

Boring and coordinate boring operations in parts up to 4x4x6 meters; drilling to a depth of 6 meters.

Gear milling operations – for cutting gears with a module up to 30 mm and a diameter up to 3 meters and other works.

Harvesting production widely uses advanced technological processes: plasma surfacing and plasma machining of hard alloys; figured cutting; local thermal hardening and surfacing by means of laser radiation, etc.


The territory has a connection to communications such as gas, water, electricity, sewerage, high internet connection, and transport system.

At the moment, most of the communications are outdated, but there are no problems with replacing them. A large number of companies are ready to provide new technical solutions for new projects.

Water supply

PAT JSC "Kievvodokanal"

"Kievvodokanal" is responsible for the intake, rise of water from surface and underground sources of water supply, purification in accordance with the requirements of the Technological Regulations, transportation, supply of drinking water to consumers with subsequent drainage of wastewater not only in Kyiv but also in nearby settlements of the Kyiv region.

Energy supply

DTEK Group

DTEK Group is the leader in Ukraine's energy sector and the industry's biggest private investor.

Gas supply

JSC "Kyivgas"

JSC "Kyivgas" provides services for the distribution (transportation) of natural gas through gas transmission networks.

Transport solutions

Kyivavtodor Municipal Corporation

The corporation carries out technical supervision, maintenance, and repair of highways and road-transport constructions on them, networks of external lighting of streets.

Internet solutions

In Kyiv, the Internet is very affordable and of high quality. List of top companies:

  • Lanet
  • Kyivstar
  • Volia
  • Triolan
  • Ukrtelecom
  • Datagroup
  • Gigatrans

Potential projects

A wide variety of investment projects can be implemented that can be implemented on the territory of JSC "First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant".

Large territory, with an area of 35 hectares for the implementation of the largest projects in the city center.

Residential complex

A multifunctional residential complex is a modern form of organization of the city's living environment, in which the needs of a person for housing, work, rest, and communication are most fully realized.

Innovation park

The city could increase its competitiveness at the international level by relying on a multi-level project based on territorial distinctive competencies, through the attraction of enterprises and talents, the development of a research system, and the implementation of actions aimed at supporting an ecosystem of innovation and technology transfer.

Business center

А modern office building or a complex of buildings, with the necessary infrastructure for conducting business activities, for further leasing.

Space, where there is everything for the implementation of ambitious ideas.

Innovation Machine-Building Plant

Innovative production, production of special machines and equipment, high-tech structures, microcircuits, experimental, test, and production equipment, instruments and microelectronic components, software and hardware for computing technology, breeding, and genetic materials.

Place for rest

A place of rest and relaxation. A large number of recreation areas, mini-park, schools, sports grounds, hotels.

Kyiv climate

Kyiv has a warm-summer humid continental climate.

Air quality in Ukraine - Average: 31 AQI

The warmest months are June, July, and August, with mean temperatures of 13.8 to 24.8 ° C (56.8 to 76.6 ° F).

The coldest are December, January, and February, with mean temperatures of −4.6 to −1.1 ° C (23.7 to 30.0°F).

Geographically, Kyiv is located on the border of the Polesia woodland ecological zone, a part of the European mixed woods area, and the East European forest-steppe biome. However, the city's unique landscape distinguishes it from the surrounding region. Kyiv is completely surrounded by Kyiv Oblast.

Investment info

  • Large privatization: JSC "First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant"
  • Price: auction start price from $39 900 900
  • Location: 49/2 Peremohy Avenue, Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine

The Ukrainian government is interested in large-scale projects and will help large international investors to implement them.

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