Made in Modern Ukraine

Monday, July 26, 2021

The industrial park "White Church" on 70 hectares of industrial sites today brings together about a thousand entrepreneurs from different industries. In June 2021, the "Forum of Innovative Industries" brought together the owners and managers of the most progressive Ukrainian industrial, logistics, trade enterprises and IT-field

Lenker — Band sawing machine for metal

An innovative automatic strip machine for metal of Ukrainian production with a chip control system, designed for longitudinal and cross-cutting of metal according to the parameters specified in the program. Ideal for both series sawing and non-standard tasks, thanks to the large range of carriage movement and high positioning accuracy. Produced in the city of White Church.

Netronic — Equipment for paintball and virtual reality

Netronic is a full-cycle manufacturer. The production is located in Kharkiv and exports its products to 60 countries. A team of 200 people works to play Ukrainian equipment all over the world.

European Association for Software Engineering — Agrodrones

It brings together IT companies and engineering companies that produce a product of innovative engineering activities. For example, one of the products is an agricultural drone that pollinates fields. It allows you not to use the tractor and human resources. EASE also assembles Ukrainian-made robots and exports them to Japan and Amazon.

Sempal — Water measuring devices

The company develops and manufactures ultrasonic heat and water meters, controllers, as well as modular units for individual heating points. "We make devices that measure water at 40 thousand objects in 8 countries around the world. Our product has a lifetime warranty. While we are standing here, the last KPI building is being repaired, Sempal is on all 30 buildings. Our previous devices worked for 21 years," tells Sempal CEO Oleksandr Pokras.

Body Forming — Device for rehabilitation after a heart attack and stroke

The device developed by the Ukrainian manufacturer performs the functions of rehabilitation after a heart attack or stroke. The device is due to the synchronization of brain impulses to the body. The device generates similar impulses, resonance occurs. You can adjust the characteristics. "This allows us to dry out the body and remove excess fluid," comments Sergey Farenik, developer of Body Forming.

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