Main Business Plan Items for Opening Greenhouse in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 22, 2022
Main Business Plan Items for Opening Greenhouse in Ukraine

Preparing the business from the selection of grains to the study of the legislative framework

The business plan is the basis on which the real actions and walls of the future greenhouse are built. It allows us to understand the sequence of work, the amount of money, and the time spent. There are cases where a well-thought-out course of action helps avoid creating fears in the event of a first failure. 

To build a greenhouse in Ukraine, it is enough to answer the following points of the business plan:

  • The culture that will be planted in the greenhouse

This is the very first stage, and a person needs to determine what they want to grow. If there are no ideas and no specific place to start a business, it is necessary to target the climate, demand in the area, and world trends.

  • Equipment inventory

This paragraph provides the analysis of all necessary items for the operation of the greenhouse. The list should include tools for soil preparation, plant treatment, and harvesting.

  • Greenhouse layout

At this point, it is necessary to create a project of construction of a greenhouse, to buy materials, and even to know the cost of work of specialists.

  • Harvest

This step will help to understand how much of the crop must mature in a greenhouse to make a profit or not to run loss money.

  • Legislative framework

The study of the laws of Ukraine and the peculiarities of goods will make it possible to establish the limits of permissible and possible. Thus, knowing what the crop should be in shape, color, weight, taste, a businessman can grow a "good" product. Once a businessman has studied the legislative framework, he can formalize the necessary documents.

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