Major Changes to the Ukrainian Traffic Rules

by Vladyslava Zhabrovets
Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Major Changes to the Ukrainian Traffic Rules

Drivers will have to study the system of road signs and road markings anew

At a meeting on September 29, the government approved the changes to be made to the traffic rules (which were previously approved by the cabinet of ministers). This was announced by the people's deputy Oleksii Honcharenko.

The draft changes were prepared by the Ministry of infrastructure. Oleksandr Kubrakov, the minister of infrastructure, believes that the amendments will help bring the provisions of traffic rules in line with national standards.

Many innovations are related to the movement of cyclists. Thus, a new definition of a cycle lane is given, the concepts of a cycle lane and a cycle crossing (the place of intersection of roads) are introduced for the first time. A clear description of how cyclists should move, their rights and obligations are developed.

The major part of the changes is related to the new road signage and markings.

They are introduced to indicate:

  • residential areas;
  • bike lanes;
  • pedestrian lanes;
  • divided highways;
  • railway crossings;
  • built-up areas;
  • parking lots;
  • directions of turns;
  • traffic bans;
  • highway exits for route transport;
  • diagonal pedestrian crossings;
  • ends of the built-up areas;
  • tunnels;
  • toll roads;
  • electric charging stations;
  • tire shops;
  • work of a tow truck, etc.

It is also planned to introduce a new markup:

  • on the surfaces of raised pedestrian crossings and a lying policeman;
  • indicating an approaching roundabout;
  • before exits from the school grounds;
  • indicating designated parking spots along roads.

Finally, a new yellow-red markup is added to the existing vertical road marking.

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