Major Inventions in Time of Independent Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 28, 2021
Major Inventions in Time of Independent Ukraine

Ukrainians are the architects of developments to make the world a better place

In the scientific world, Ukraine is remembered while talking about an electric tram or a vaccine against plague. It was the people of Ukraine who gave the world the best possible development in these sectors. But there are also several legendary developments that Ukrainians have presented to the world in the last 30 years.

Ultrasound gloves New sense

The author of this invention was Ukrainian Yvan Seleznov. In 2013, a young man presented the project New sense in the form of gloves. These gloves are equipped with technologies that help visually impaired people to navigate. The new feeling has been included in the top three world inventions of 2013. The project was also presented at the prestigious international competition Intel international science and engineering fair and even attracted American investors. But Ivan Seleznov is determined to implement the project in Ukraine.

Plane crash escape pod

This development speaks for itself. The valuable invention was born in Ukraine by scientist, engineer, and honorary aircraft builder Volodymyr Tatarenko. His pods are special containers with parachutes and powder engines. Containers are installed in the aircraft and disconnect in the case of a plane crash during take-off or landing. According to research, this capsule provides almost 100% survival during a catastrophe.


TechNovator is a wireless charger created by Ukrainian Ivan Chuba. Charging can power phones from a distance. It is enough to turn the base station on and attach the module to the phone.

View Face Recognition Technology

Viewdle was invented and implemented by Ukrainian Yehor Anchyshkin. Today the Ukrainian startup works with computer vision technology. After the photo is taken, the system uploads the photo to social networks and independently marks people. In 2008, the project attracted $12 million in venture capital. Nowadays, Viewdle is an Anglo-American center whose development was acquired by Google. By the way, Viewdle technology is the first Ukrainian project purchased by Google.

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