Mariupol Refugees Feed People in Los Angeles

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Mariupol Refugees Feed People in Los Angeles

The family rescued from Mariupol opened a restaurant in LA

The restaurant is called Mom, Please. There are fresh pancakes, pizza, cheesecakes, and varenyky served. In addition, in Mom, Please, everyone can try different types of coffee. All recipes in the restaurant belong to the co-founder of the gastronomic institution Olena.

"We first started making semi-finished food, and everyone liked it. And we found that there is such a request that people want to come to the Ukrainian institution," said the co-founder of the first institution with Ukrainian food in southern California, Inna Kochetkova.

Ukrainian chef Olena, her daughter-in-law Inna Kochetkova and other family members became owners of a unique cuisine in a city of angels. Olena worked in Mariupol with her husband in a local restaurant. However, Russian occupiers killed her husband while he was working in the kitchen. So the woman and her family went to the United States, where she opened a frozen food store and now a restaurant.

Ukrainians who had to leave their homeland due to the Russian invasion of the country begin life anew. This is especially true of people from Mariupol, whose city Russian troops destroyed 90% and killed hundreds of thousands of civilians. However, Ukrainians have a lot of talents, ideas and courage to restore life even in a foreign country. 

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