“Maserati” Create a Blue-Yellow Model With Tryzub

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 9, 2022
“Maserati” Create a Blue-Yellow Model With Tryzub

The new model "Maserati Levante Hybrid" is painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag for true patriots and people supporting the country

Since February 24, all color trends of the seasons are broken. People know that the most important thing now is to express their support and sympathy to the Ukrainian people. So the singers and the movie stars come out into the streets and the red carpet in blue and yellow clothes. But clothing is something that can be changed. And the car company Maserati created a unique design for the model Levante Hybrid.

The car is made in blue-yellow color, resembling the flag of Ukraine. On the roof of this model, there is a large trident. It should be noted that in this way, the designer of the new SUV, Domaine Du Muy as is playing with associations. The emblem of the company is the trident of Poseidon. It is depicted on the roof of the new car. Also, one of the 3 official symbols of Ukraine — is the coat of arms of Ukrainian Prince Volodymyr the Great since the Kievan Rus — Tryzub. It has the form of a trident. Even though this symbol of Ukraine was approved only on February 19, 1992, this trident was a heraldic figure of Prince Volodymyr since 978 AD. So, an interesting coincidence should please the true patriots of Ukraine.

The cost and timing of the appearance of such a car in Ukraine are not yet known.

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