Measures Taken for Waste Recycling in Ukraine

by Mila Glushchenko
Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Measures Taken for Waste Recycling in Ukraine

The Latvian company “Eco Baltia Vide” is investing €4 million in waste recycling of Ukrainian Cherkasy. Waste processing plants in Ukraine

Ukraine is interested in attracting investments for the introduction of modern waste recycling methods, which will help Ukraine develop its potential in this area.

The issue of waste recycling is very relevant for Ukraine. Recently in Ukraine was approved a draft law about waste management, which ensures the adoption of a number of special laws in the area of recycling and sorting. With the adoption of the draft law, foreign investors will be able to comfortably implement projects in the field of waste management.

Recently, the representatives of the Latvian company Eco Baltia vide which collects and recycles secondary raw materials, are interested in investing in waste recycling infrastructure. Now the campaign is studying the situation in Cherkasy. According to a representative of Eco Baltia vide, they are already ready to sign an agreement and start collecting waste that can be recycled. Ukraine is a large and interesting market and there is an opportunity to supply and recycle Ukrainian properly sorted waste to Latvia.

According to Eco Baltia Vide's calculations, the volume of investments may reach 4 million. The process will include a complex production cycle from collection, storage, sorting of waste to its processing into a final product for consumption — a PET bottle, gas, electricity.

There are transnational companies that specialize in this area, and this is their main activity — waste management. Moreover, they are interested in entering Ukraine. There are companies that are ready to invest in the construction of waste processing factories in Western Ukraine: Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi, Uzhgorod, Lutsk, etc.

In some cities of Ukraine, the process of building waste disposal factories has already begun. For example, in Lviv, the process of building a powerful waste processing plant has already begun, as well as the Zhytomyr waste processing plant. The plant in Zhytomyr should be the first such project in Ukraine. It will be built in cooperation with Croatian partners Tehnix a renowned manufacturer of equipment for waste recycling plants in Eastern Europe. The processing will produce such a product as compost, RDF fuel (an alternative to coal), and a source of heat, plus secondary raw materials thanks to sorting.

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