Medieval Barbarian Russia Fights Against Civilized Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 4, 2022
Medieval Barbarian Russia Fights Against Civilized Ukraine

April 4, deputy minister of defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar argued why now there is a war of civilization and wild medieval barbarism

  1. 71% of the Russian population is proud of the war against Ukraine and supports it. That is, the vast majority of citizens of the Russian Federation support the massacres of people;
  2. Reasons for which people are willing to endure hardship. According to opinion polls in the Russian Federation, the citizens of this state are ready to endure sanctions and hardships in order to “take revenge on the Ukrainians” and conquer our country. At the same time, Ukrainians are ready to endure hardships only for the sake of our freedom;
  3. A distinctive feature of the Russian horde is looting. Russians massively break into other people's homes and steal money, equipment, and even underwear. And what they cannot take away with them is made unusable. The Russians are removing decorations from the corpses of Ukrainians: just imagine the level of a person who will then use these items of his own free will. While the Ukrainians share their last with each other, they accept in their homes other people's families who fled the war, and in such a difficult period for Ukraine, we united into a single whole;
  4. Cruelty to animals. In all the cities of Ukraine that the Russians left, hundreds of blunts of mutilated, cruelly killed animals were found. In all Ukrainian cities, where the “army” of the Russian barbarian passed, zoos and animal nurseries were shot down. Maybe in this way, the Russians decided to “denazify” the banderian animals too? At the same time, Ukrainians, leaving their homes, carried their animals in their arms. For every person hiding from an airstrike in the subways, there were 4 animals. These were not only domestic animals but also those who were caught on the street and hidden from death;
  5. The barbarian army of Russia relies on quantity and strength. In contrast, the intellectual army of Ukraine has tactics, strategy, and deliberate maneuvers. And this is our strength.

"The duel between civilization and barbarism is complex. Sometimes it happens that a wild force defeats civilization, culture, and education. But we have a good historical moment now — we are both civilized and strong. But we must win and remain civilized simultaneously", Anna Malyar.

Glory to Ukraine!

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