Melitopol Cherry Received “Global G.A.P” Certificate

by Anna Gayduk
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Melitopol Cherry Received “Global G.A.P” Certificate

Now “Melitopolska Chereshnya” group of companies comply with international quality and environmental standards

The company announced this on its Facebook page.

“We passed a hard preparatory work and an important audit with experts certified by the European Union. We are grateful to everyone involved! With such recognition it is much easier for us to enter new foreign markets,” the company noted.

GC Melitopolskaya Chereshnya is one of the leading companies in the production of fruits and the largest exporter of Ukrainian cherries. The enterprise has 900 hectares of gardening and berry plantations. The company also specializes in growing cereals, oilseeds and industrial crops, having 15 thousand hectares for their cultivation.

Global G.A.P. standard is a system that guarantees the safety of grown products.

The main difference between the Global G.A.P. and other standards is that it assesses both the safety of the grown products themselves and the safety of the entire production cycle, from feed, seed to finished products.

Global G.A.P. is the only integrated standard for primary production with the possibility of applying its individual modules to various groups of goods — from the cultivation of plant products to the raising of animals. Having received the Global G.A.P. certificate, the producer can guarantee the consumer that all their products are of high quality and completely safe to use.

Global G.A.P. standard is given to producers of agricultural crops, as well as farmers that are engaged in the cultivation of farm animals and fish for human consumption. It is especially important for such industries as:

  • Crop production;
  • Livestock raising;
  • Breeding of aquatic animals and plants.

Among the main advantages of getting such certificate are:

  • Opportunity to enter new markets (entering the European market);
  • Increase in demand for the product, increase in consumer confidence;
  • Increase in prestige of the organization in the eyes of investors and banks;
  • Reducing the potential risk of product contamination. Improving hygiene and sanitation at the enterprise;
  • Compatibility of the standard with other international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS;
  • Protection of the manufacturer from the law (the Global G.A.P. system in most countries of the world is considered the most effective tool for managing the production and supply of safe products).
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