“Meta”-Education for Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, July 25, 2022
“Meta”-Education for Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

To support Ukrainian business, the "Meta" company is launching an educational business program

As a result of the war, almost 50% of enterprises in Ukraine ceased to exist. Those companies that continued to operate, operate at much lower speeds than before the war. Economic stagnation is evident, and Meta decided to support Ukrainian business people. According to the Ministry of digital transformation of the country, Meta has launched a support program to recover the Ukrainian economy.

"Various free educational resources for Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Over 20 Blueprint courses and Meta Boost learning platform to help master business ownership skills and host online meetups for entrepreneurs," Ministry of digital transformation.

It is also known that Meta is launching a separate fund of $1.5 million, the funds from which will be used to finance advertising campaigns of Ukrainian businesses on Meta's platforms. This option will be available for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine.

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