“Meta” Launches “Facebook Reels” in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 28, 2022
“Meta” Launches “Facebook Reels” in Ukraine

Especially relevant for those who are too shy to participate Shchekavytsya "nuclear party" in Kyiv but want to know what will happen there

Following Instagram Reels, Ukraine has finally gained access to Facebook Reels. In this case, Reels can be viewed in the feed, communities and Watch.

"If public (public) Reels are published, they will be able to reach more users, and not just current subscribers, which will allow content creators to expand their audience. Users can follow content creators while watching a video, swear and comment, and share their favourite videos with friends," according to Meta.

The same functionality is available to Ukraine as in other countries: the creation of Reels will be done in stories and Watch. To double the reach, you can sync with Instagram Reels and please the subscribers of both social networks. According to Meta, the option will become available over the coming weeks.

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