Metallica, Pink Floyd, Måneskin, and Billie Eilish for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 12, 2022
Metallica, Pink Floyd, Måneskin, and Billie Eilish for Ukraine

Te world sings about Ukraine, for Ukraine, and with Ukrainians

Metallica donated $500.000 to the All Within My Hands fund. The money is intended for Ukrainians and will go on to feed what was forced to give up their life and flee the war to another country.

Pink Floyd recorded the song Hey Hey Rise Up and a music video for Ukraine. The song was based on the folk Ukrainian song covered by Ukrainian singer Andrii Khlymyuk The red viburnum in the meadow. The video used a video of Khlyvnyuk performing his song on cluttered by anti-tank hedgehogs Sophia Square in the center of Kyiv.

Viburnum is the national tree of Ukraine, and for Ukrainians, it is a symbol of love and family. The original Ukrainian folk song The red viburnum in the meadow was covered by Khlymyuk in support of Ukraine, its people and tells how Ukrainians will lift their country from the ruins of Putin's war.

Måneskin released a music video for the song StandupforUkraine. The video is replete with images of the war that is now happening in Ukraine.

"#StandUpForUkraine! Refugees in Ukraine and around the world need urgent humanitarian aid. We're using our voice to demand action, and you can, too. Join us, make your own video calling for the world to support refugees and donate on:," written in the video's description on the official Måneskin account on Instagram.

"How are you sleeping at night
How do you close both your eyes
Living with all of those lives
On your hands
Standing alone on that hill
Using your fuel to kill
We won't take it standing still
Watch us, dance
We're gonna dance on gasoline."

Billie Eilish joined the global campaign Stand Up For Ukraine and dedicated the performance of her song Your Power to Ukrainians.

"Today, we will perform Your Power as a call to action. Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes, so we must act immediately and support these people. Everyone who watches this video spreads the word so that our leaders know and act. We support Ukraine. I can't do much, but I want to say that I support the Ukrainians. This song was for them, I dedicate it to the people of Ukraine," Billie said in her video message.

These are among the many representatives of the stage who supported our country in the ways available to them.

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