Methods of Retaining Customers in your Business

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Methods of Retaining Customers in your Business

According to experts, it is necessary to study the causes of "leakage" of consumers, and hence the reasons for falling sale

For example, if the location of the store is improper or the sellers are rude, then no system of discounts, you will not make accidentally lose visitors permanently. You can find out the opinion of customers in personal conversations or through questionnaires. Such attention to customers is positively reflected in the company's image. Consumers are usually willing to express their complaints to the company's representative, who initiates the discussion of this topic. The client may want to come to you a second time, at least to make sure you listen to his wishes.

You can use different tools to retain customers. Let's take a detailed look at the four most commonly used in Ukrainian businesses:

  • Various discounts;
  • Prizes, promotions, gifts;
  • Providing a guarantee of returning the purchase or exchange, trials;
  • Creating consumer clubs.

Here are some discount options to help retain customers:

  • Fixed discount, which is usually given to regular customers who either buy often or made a big purchase once;
  • Accumulative discounts—the amount of the discount depends on the number of purchases or the total amount of money paid by the client;
  • Loyalty cards that are eligible for a discount also have a psychological effect. Especially if the discount is not formally discussed in advance and is perceived by the customer as a pleasant surprise. Such a "gift" often provides a particular loyalty of customers to the company.

The primary condition for retaining customers of any company—complete satisfaction of their consumer demands. Without improving the service and thoughtful development of the non-price side of the trade offer, it is pointless to introduce cards, create clubs, etc.

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