Mexico to Resume Embassy Operations in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 17, 2024
Mexico to Resume Embassy Operations in Ukraine

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, announced that Mexico will resume operations at its embassy in Ukraine

The decision was confirmed during a constructive meeting between Kuleba and his Mexican counterpart, Alicia Barcena.

Key Highlights from the Meeting

Commitment to Peace

  • Kuleba expressed gratitude to Mexico for its participation in the Global Peace Summit and its reaffirmation of commitment to peace based on the UN Charter and fundamental principles of international law.

Bilateral Cooperation

  • The discussions also focused on strengthening bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and Mexico.
  • Kuleba welcomed Mexico's decision to restore its embassy in Ukraine as a significant step in fostering closer ties between the two nations.

Mexico's Role in the Global Peace Summit

  • The meeting underscored Mexico's active role in the Global Peace Summit, which aims to promote peace and stability in Ukraine and the broader region.


The reopening of Mexico's embassy in Ukraine marks a notable development in diplomatic relations between the two countries. It signifies Mexico's support for Ukraine amidst ongoing challenges and its commitment to international peace and cooperation.

This move is expected to enhance diplomatic engagement and pave the way for increased bilateral cooperation in various sectors, contributing to Ukraine's recovery and stability efforts.


Mexico's decision to resume embassy operations in Ukraine is a positive step towards strengthening bilateral relations and supporting Ukraine's peace and recovery initiatives. The collaboration between the two countries will likely bring mutual benefits and contribute to the broader goals of international peace and stability.

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